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Mahavatar Babaji: Presence & Vision

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Our Inner Fire Music- www.turiyanada.comAutobiography of a Yogi by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda conveys an ancient blessing. The blessings of Maha Avatar Babaji as Presence is received by simply reading this wonderful book that is an initiation itself. [For those who have yet to read Autobiography of a Yogi- you have a treasure trove of joyous reading awaiting you. This book will set you on a profound journey]Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi began his intense pilgrimages through caves and wilderness of South India after his death experience. The book Autobiography of a Yogi was one of the influencing factors that set Nandhi on his pilgrimage into the ancient Siddhar circle. Awake to the inner fire, he meditated intensely on Babaji through many years. Gradually Babaji revealed Himself to Nandhi in the physical form .Nandhi experienced Babaji as the Ancient Guru to Gurus- Dakshinamurthy (Lord Siva, the Teacher) and as Lord Muruga, the Son of Source.Nandhi wished to paint Babaji and he set this intent as Nandhi began his once a year Mahasivratri fasting fof 14 days. Babaji revealed His Presence on the 12th day. He appeared before Nandhi saying, "Paint me!" and He simply took over and the painting was done- in 45 minutes start to finish as one gush of beautiful energy.This vision is for humanity as gift of the Siddhar Masters who seek to be the vibrant reality we can absorb to BE!Art Gallery of Visions Beyond Enlightenment: www.nandhi.com/gallery.htm This yoga music is by Turiya Nada- www.turiyanada.comTrack: Dance of the SiddharsAlbum: Turiya NadaTo purchase music- www.SensitivePlanet.comWebsite: www.nandhi.comwww.myspace.com/nandhi108May humanity arise in the awake happiness of wisdom that enables each of us to be the prophets and masters of higher consciousness!May each of us be instruments of source and in our breath, the ascendance of collective goodness.We are the messengers of peace that is SOURCE!Sharing blessings is powerful dharma.Share this video as your gesture of love!Your comment, rating and subscription is deeply valued. Thank YOU!Варанаси Индия Брамин Йога Ганга Гаты 平和、愛、啓発、ヨガ目がさめている、神インド vrede, liefde, verlichting, wakkere, Frieden, Liebe, Aufklärung, Gott, wach, Indien, мир, влюбленность, прозрение, бог, бодрствующий, йога, 神、啓発、神ヨガ, 신 계몽 신 행복한 사랑 평화 빛, 神启示神的愉快的爱和平光

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