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Sun Worship: be blessed in abundant grace illumined

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aum namah sivayaFor a yogi, the worship of the sun is potent in the abundant blessings of inner radiance; subtle energies of healing and nourishment; aligning the mind towards Source to attain liberation/enlightenment; to clear and dissolve the veils and impediments of karmic past; and to be whole and radiant as the Sun itself.Nandhi imparts a Siddhar mantra, the resonant blessings and the journey within through each chakra- as the gift of his Gurus to humanity.After taking this inner journey- a Sun initiation- do an act of dharma to consummate having received this blessings of the Sun Worship.Gratitude to our Divine Brother Thyaganatha for creating this video!Chants by: Siddhar Rajaswamy: www.gatewaytopeace.orgMusic: Invoke the Masters by Turiya NadaTo purchase music- www.SensitivePlanet.comwww.nandhi.com Inspired by the Siddharswww.ariven.org Vision of compassion in actionwww.myspace.com/nandhi108May humanity arise in the awake happiness of wisdom that enables each of us to be the prophets and masters of higher consciousness!May each of us be instruments of source and in our breath, the ascendance of collective goodness.We are the messengers of peace that is SOURCE!Sharing blessings is powerful dharma.Share this video as your gesture of love!Your comment, rating and subscription is deeply valued. Thank YOU!Варанаси Индия Брамин Йога Ганга Гаты 平和、愛、啓発、ヨガ目がさめている、神インド vrede, liefde, verlichting, wakkere, Frieden, Liebe, Aufklärung, Gott, wach, Indien, мир, влюбленность, прозрение, бог, бодрствующий, йога, 神、啓発、神ヨガ, 신 계몽 신 행복한 사랑 평화 빛, 神启示神的愉快的爱和平光

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