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Siddhar Art: Journey Beyond Consciousness

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Music: Turiya Nada- www.turiyanada.comEach of these paintings have come alive through intense meditation of a whole day and then- painted in 45-90 minutes. These paintings are the inner yogic visions that hold the wisdom, teachings & blessings of the Siddhar Sages. Tapasyogi Adiyen Nandhi was graced with the divine vision in Thiruvannamalai many years back.These paintings are that of the eyes that has seen God/ Source as in the physical to express as form. These paintings carry within them, the potent energies of the ancient lineage of Sages while they are painted in a meditative state as a gush of energy, within a short time. Taking visual form from higher wisdom of mantra vibrations, the resonant energies behind the sound converges as the inner light, hence the name for this art gallery, "Visions Beyond Enlightenment". www.nandhi.com: Journey Beyond Enlightenmentwww.Sensitive Planet.com: The Enlightening Marketplace: To purchase Art & Musicwww.AmmaSanctuary.org : Our Vision of Compassion in Action.Варанаси Индия Брамин Йога Ганга Гаты

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Szerző: Nandhi Tapasyogi
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